Brian Drye

Trombonist, Pianist and Educator

Slog - Drew Field '45


Slog - Drew Field '45


Brian Drye: Trombone
Khabu Dough Young: Guitar, Bariton/Alto Doubleneck Guitar
Bob Bowen: Acoustic and Electric Basses
Greg Joseph: Drums
Special Guest: Bruce Williamson: Bass clarinet, Alto Saxophone

Recorded and mixed at Walker Recordings by George Petit. June 22nd-24th and September 16th. 20th-22nd, 2004

Mastered by Stevin McNamara, February 2005
Pen and ink abstract by Bob Bowen, Charcoal baseball figure by POL (Drew Field 1945). Design by Matt Glassmeyer


released January 1, 2005

SLOG thanks Bruce Williamson, Matt Glassmeyer, Eric Hastings, Mike McGinnis and George Walker Petit for their generosity and dedication to high fidelity sound and creative music. KHABU welcomes to Planet Earth, Carter violet Bishop-Young! Bob thanks Slog for realizing this music in such an incredibly creative way, the NYC creative community for ceaseless inspiration, and, with great love, Amy, Bobby, and Stella. GREG thank Pete Doyle, Tony Coniff, Brian Michael Bendis, and H.P. GREG also thanks Brian, Bob, and Khabu for their amazing talent and support. BRIAN thanks all of Slog, Michelle Chestnut, and Matt Glassmeyer.

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