Brian Drye

Trombonist, Pianist and Educator

The Morpholinos - For Background Use Only


The Morpholinos - For Background Use Only


Brian Drye - pianos
Lori Bingel - electric bass
Matt Glassmeyer - shuitar
Produced by Jano Rix & The Morpholinos
Recorded by Zeke Zima at Lunchbox Studios, Brooklyn, NY
Additional recording by Franzi Kunze at Ghetto Meadows, Brooklyn, NY Additional recording and editing by Lori Bingel
Mixed by Neil Krin at Jaks Music, New York, NY
Mastered by Nathan James at The Hit Factory, New York, NY 

With the highly anticipated and highly curious "[For Background Use Only]", New York City’s THE MORPHOLINOS are on a mission to prove that back- ground music does not have to make us cringe. The trio of keyboards, electric bass and a bastardized classical guitar-turned-drumset called the "shuitar" is accompanied by eighteen different players of various instruments to meticulously re-sculpt favorites by Michael Jackson, Duran Duran, The Band and Bon Jovi. Laugh or cry—your choice.

“You just can’t help but love this tongue-in- cheek tribute to the best and worst of our old standards.”

—Mark Fisher,

“[For Background Use Only] wears a smirk from start to finish, but it's so affable . . . that it never distances the listener. Everyone's having a good time.”

—Justin Stewart, 

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