Brian Drye

Trombonist, Pianist and Educator

The Four Bags - Offshore

offshore cover.jpg
offshore cover.jpg

The Four Bags - Offshore


Mike McGinnis - Saxophone, Clarinet
Tom Aldrich - Accordion
Brian Drye -Trombone
Sean Moran - Guitar

Combining the improv and personality of modern jazz and American popular music with the rigor and sophistication of the chamber music tradition, the second release of this quartet (clarinet, accordian, electric guitar, trombone) mixes dense compositions and covers as diverse as XTC and Chopin. 

“[T]he music of THE FOUR BAGS is smart without being stuffy, fun without being crass, and highly listenable.”

—Richard Kamins,

The Hartford Courant

“The ensemble work is impressive; the solos are generally concise and their sense of humor is pervasive. . . . Who knows what these guys might do next.”

—Mike Neely, All About Jazz 


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