Brian Drye

Trombonist, Pianist and Educator





Khabu Doug Young, guitar
Mark Dodge, drums
Michael McGinnis, clarinet, soprano and tenor saxophone, pennywhistle Brian Drye, trombone
Matt Glassmeyer, amplified contra-alto clarinet and misc. sounds

Recorded at 111 N11th St. Brooklyn, NY July 15th, 2001 by Zeke Zima Mixed at Lunchbox Studios, Brooklyn on December 8th and 12th,

2002 by Zeke Zima
Mastered at Bang Zoom Productions on April 21st, 2003 by Steve Vavagiakis Drawings by Alisa Hassett 

Recorded in a giant industrial space in Brooklyn, this performance pulses with the energy of a live audience. Improv crossed with deep composition, beauty crossed with assault, live energy crossed with studio sound, DDYGG finds its balance. Whether dubbed an ensemble, an event or an experiment, DDYGG rests on an anything-goes aesthetic that eloquently blends five highly per- sonal sounds.

“The amazing thing about the new generation of musicians is that having been exposed to so many styles, they are able to switch so easily between them, as well as form an inclusive syn- thesis that creates something entirely original. DDYGG is an inspiring example of this new wave; watch them if you want to see where jazz—and indeed, music—is heading.”

—Florence Wetzel, All About Jazz 

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