Brian Drye

Trombonist, Pianist and Educator

Bizingas - Eggs Up High

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bandcamp cover.jpg

Bizingas - Eggs Up High


Eggs Up High is the 2nd release by the art-rock, free- prog jazz quartet Bizingas. A follow up to their critically acclaimed 2010 debut recording hailed by the New York Times as "one of the best introductions to a new band...and a pretty new aesthetic." A hot swinging front line of cornet and trombone dances over a fiery canyon of gritty guitar and drums. Whirling around in the background are analog synthesizers, organ, piano, Haitian drums and primitive electronic drums machines.


released November 6, 2015

Recorded at the Bunker by Aaron Nevezie, Brooklyn, NY
Mixed by Jonathan Goldberger at Down Home Labs
Mastered by Nate Wood
Produced by Brian Drye and Jonathan Goldberger at Down Home Labs
Original Artwork Eggs Up High by John Vineyard
Design by John Vineyard

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